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MAP and Student-led Conference

By Elynn Vázquez Wong
Curriculum Director Bachillerato
We are celebrating learning through student-led conferences. Despite being in  virtual classes this year, our students had outstanding learning experiences and student-led conferences are the opportunity for them to show their learning. Parents are also part of this process so they are the main audience.
In the second Student-led conference, the students were given the choice to select the subjects they wanted to reflect upon and the new requirement was to consider their MAP results in order to evaluate their strategies for growing. Some of  the questions they asked themselves were: 

  • Do my results show growth?
  • How much did I grow? 
  • Did the strategies I selected work? why or why not?
  • What are my next steps?
  • What do I need to adjust or change in order to keep growing?

MAP results showed how much growth our students were able to achieve from February until May. Some were really aware of the areas they wanted to strengthen and they intentionally focused on them. Others decided to make an extra effort in all the areas and as a result there was greater growth in all subjects. At the end, each student had the possibility to follow the strategies they believed were best for them. In preparation for the conference, each one had the opportunity to evaluate their own strategies and reflect on what needed to be improved based on their results.
CCH students were surprised by their MAP results and they understood that they have a central role in their own learning. In the second conference we saw students displaying responsibility and thinking skills.
Middle school students have been working for the last 3 weeks preparing their portfolios, as this is also part of their learning process and they are ready to share.  I am sure we will enjoy listening to their reflections next week. 
Thank you parents and teachers for being part of this learning and reflective journey.


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