SNAPSHOT from our Head of school - February 2023 | Colegio Merici

SNAPSHOT from our Head of school – February 2023


Monday 20 February 2023. 

Dear Merici Community:

Two important events have marked the month of February quite favourably, “Merimun” and “Blancos y Azules”.

“Merimun” was an opportunity to develop skills for all of our Bachillerato and 6th grade Primary. From adhering to UN code of dress and general protocols, to defending positions, both written and verbal, applying different lenses according to countries and commissions, all of which developed multi-perspective, empathy, research and communication skills, among others.  The opening event marked the beginning of the reflection with a lecture by former INE advisor, Alejandra Latapí, who highlighted the relevance of democracy in a society, and the important role that INE plays in its preservation and in the development of our Mexican Society. We would like to thank Raymundo Roalandini Jenner, professor of languages and humanities, the English Academy and the Bachillerato for organising such a productive event. 

The “Blancos y Azules” was a great opportunity for us to meet, reconnect and interact with each other in a atmosphere of fun, physical activity, challenge and friendship. For many families it was something new, for others it was a celebration of a Merici tradition they have treasured and for everyone it was a space to build community. We also enjoyed the families who were at the bazaar and who offered us a rich range of food to enjoy as well as other original products. We thank Raymundo Guzmán Silva, our Physical Education Coordinator and all his teams, as well as Administration, Maintenance, Communication and Faculty members who contributed, among others, to the complex logistics of this event. 

Technological development continues to surprise us and Artificial Intelligence reminds us that the future is here and now. The emergence of ChatGPT has been the big surprise of recent months. Its impact is still being pondered in many fields, particularly in the world of academics. It is one of the most capable Artificial Intelligence systems of recent times, which responds to what is asked of it and can do many things that are asked of it. In recent days, we explored some of its functions with the 6th grade Bachillerato students and we were able to witness the versatility, speed and precision with which it researches, organises, narrates and presents information in all fields of knowledge. Will the time come when it will be able to think and act for us, encompassing all the dimensions that make us human? The conversation continues. 

With warmest regards,

Alfonso García Williams,

Head of School. 


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