SNAPSHOT from our Head of school - October 2022 | Colegio Merici

SNAPSHOT from our Head of school – October 2022


Dear Merici Community:

We hope that everyone is doing well after the start of the school year and that our students are settled, learning and happy. 

Every day we work to create a safe, caring environment that encourages learning and allows each student to benefit from school life. After the pandemic we have revisited the principles of community living, the development of social skills and the processes of emotional self-regulation. The practice of mindfulness and the spaces for artistic growth (visual arts, music, theater, design…) have added to the balance of the community. 

In this week’s presentation, “Walking together towards a safe school”, by Ana Laura Treviño, she emphasized the importance of recognising the changes we have experienced in the world, the impact they have had on each of us and the way in which we can look after our emotional health towards the future. The talk was so interesting for the parents that they asked for the originally scheduled time to be extended.

As part of the plan to strengthen bilingualism, some certifications will be institutionalized in 5th and 6th Primary as well as in 3rd and 6th Bachillerato. It is important for our students to certify their level of English and to have tools that will open doors for the future. Our English leaders will be in contact with parents and students to work together towards ambitious goals.

We are in the final preparations for ALTARES. It is always gratifying to see the collaborative, creative and imaginative processes that go along with the preparation of this event, which is a hallmark of our school. We thank the whole community for contributing with work, ideas, materials, time and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you all. 


Alfonso García Williams,

Head of School. 



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