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What does my lunch costs

Our 4th-grade Primary students did a Global Perspectives Challenge called “What does my lunch costs”. Through this challenge, students developed their evaluation skills by using different resources to understand how water is required to grow the food we eat. They found and were amazed by the amount of water different fruits, vegetables and animal products need in order to be produced. They also explored some alternatives, like hydroponics, to reduce the amount of water needed in the food industry.

Their reflections about this topic are very knowledgeable, we are proud of their accomplishments.:

“What my lunch costs is water, work, money and time.” – André

“My lunch costs not only money, but it also costs water. The fruit I have for lunch uses water, but with hydroponics, I can reduce water and if I buy locally, the producer will make his work better. The rainfall in some countries is so little and in others, it’s so much.” – Erik

“My food cost is water, gas and money. The transportation pollutes the planet, is better if everyone buys locally.” – Alexa

“I learned about hydroponics. Hydroponics does not use a lot of water, does not use soil, and is good for the environment.” – Erick V.

Let’s acknowledge these reflections and act upon them to be wiser in the choices we make to take care of the planet.


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